Trip Highlights

The chronicling and the posting of photos from our long trips take more time than I've had this week, and it's bugging me that I haven't said anything about our Christmas trip yet, so here goes. Here are a few highlights from our various stops and experiences:

And that's all I'm writing. I love Christmas, and it was great to see people, but these car trips are getting kind of exhausting now that Kent is along. We might have to rethink our past eagerness to hop in the car for 15 hours. It wasn't foolhardy, exactly, but kind of a bit much. I think this country is just too big.

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Mmmmm, Macados! There is one by my old college in Farmville as well; that's where John and I had our first date. I think my favorite things there are the mexican skins or the macaroni and cheese...or the chicken wraps. ;)

Sounds like you all had a great time, while exhausting. Happy New Year!
Wow, what a great trip! I am so sorry to have missed you guys in W-S, but glad that I got to see you around Thanksgiving. Looking forward to pictures if you can sort through them all!
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