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A little mathy thing, in honor of Jack's exam tomorrow morning.

The anxiety to which I'm referring is that over the sippy cup issue, about which I have blogged at length. No, Kent hasn't figured out the cup thing yet, or if he has, perhaps he's made a conscious decision not to do it because he decided that drinking out of a cup is for sissies. But after some great talks with the other moms at LLL yesterday, I realized that Kent is, in fact, going to survive. (Most of you probably never doubted this fact, but motherhood does crazy things to one's ability to reason.) The basic consensus among these moms was that most babies who only like to nurse and don't like bottles/cups will just kind of hold their hunger in, or it won't occur to them that they want to nurse until they see Mom again at the end of the day. Another good point that one of the moms brought up is that Kent might actually learn to use a cup from the other kids, who I assume will be more adept at this task than he. They assured me that he was going to be okay, and one of the moms in particular urged me to focus on the time I'll still have with him, rather than having so much guilt about the two days he'll be in school. I was just so relieved at the end of our discussion that I felt like the sun had come out after a long, cloudy winter.

This is what I love about LLL (which Jeannette has just discovered — yay!). We talk about problems we're having, breastfeeding-related or not, and get frank advice and helpful anecdotes from each other. I'm so glad I found this group a year ago. These women are the closest thing I have to a tribe. I wish we met more than once a month.

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I found LLL to be full of helpful ladies when Jack and Anilia were babies. I don't know what I would have done without that connection even if it was long distance from Haiti to Florida.
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