The most exciting thing on our weekend to-do list BY FAR was that I wanted to make a little tote for Kent to take to school. I needed something smallish, just big enough for a couple of diapers, a change of clothes, a snack, and his naptime sheet and blanket. Mission accomplished. I even put a pocket on the outside for his new stainless steel water bottle, which has a sport cap that he WILL actually drink out of (!); he uses mine for now, but we've ordered one for him that's currently backordered but should be here next week. You can see mine in the pocket in the meantime, which is the same circumference as his but about twice as tall. Incidentally, my bottle and his are both from Greenfeet.com; mine has the More Hip Than Hippie logo, and his says Teenie Weenie Greenie on it.

I think the last time I sewed something was Ellis's quilt that I finished back in Aught Six. My sewing machine needed some lovin' in a major way. I thoroughly inspected the way Anilia put together my birthday purse to get the main outline of it, and I used some fabrics that Ann gave me at Christmas when Anilia and I raided her stash. It's a green and blue woven plaid that's roughly the thickness of a placemat, lined with plain blue fabric that I also used to make the straps. It holds at least six soup cans, as you can see, though the straps are kind of lightweight, so I doubt I'd ever actually carry six soup cans in it. They're just there for photo-worthiness.

Kent won't carry it yet, because it's almost big enough to hold him. He did, however, feel the need to test out those straps with his teeth.

And, lucky for me (because I'm married to him), Jack discovered another unintended use for the tote: it makes a lovely hat.

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OMG, I love that bag! And, Jack is silly. :-) That's so awesome that Kent gets a More Hip than Hippie bottle. With your low-VOC paint and other eco-choices, he was a hipster from the start, I guess!
I love the bag and Jack looks so CUTE in his hew hat!! Good thing he's so game for some of these things you have him do.
Wow, that looks great! I really love the fabric too. Kent sure is lucky to have you as a mom. :)
Nice work!! I love the colors!!
These things I have him do... LOL. I handed him the bag for a second so that I could pick up Kent, and before I could even look up, it was on his head. He needs absolutely NO encouragement from me to be silly. =)
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