The Birthday Hanukkah Truck

We have a lot of little presents for Kent's birthday, and rather than bombard him with all of them at once, we decided to space things out a lot and give him presents all week. I'm calling it Birthday Hanukkah, with apologies to my Jewish readers; I know Hanukkah is about more than the eight nights of presents, but we gentiles tend to cling to this particular detail because it just sounds so fun. Anyway, over the weekend, Kent opened a really fun bead maze from GranDebbie (which he's definitely enjoyed playing with), and tonight, we gave him Jack's favorite present from us, this truck from IKEA. He is totally in love with this truck. His favorite part so far is the string on the front that allows him to pull the truck toward him, which I think will be even more fun once he starts walking properly and can drag it behind him.

Oh, did I mention he took his first step tonight? Yeah, one step toward Jack, then fell into him. He did it again a few minutes later. We were ecstatic.

I mentioned about a week ago that he's been playing with his wooden shape puzzle and likes putting the circle back in its place, though he hasn't figured out the other shapes yet. Get this (Lauren): we took all the blocks out of his truck, and he grabbed one of the circles and put it in a circular hole, just like that. He did it three times in a row, just to make sure we'd know it wasn't a fluke. How cool is that? It's not abstraction, exactly, but it's pretty awesome that he recognized the circle in a totally different context and with a different color.

The sad part came when he had to bid his truck goodnight. We'd never seen such crying over a toy before. It was the red-faced, giant upper lip, open-mouthed cry he only lets out when I leave him at school. Sad, but hilariously cute at the same time since it was over a new toy, so Jack and I couldn't help laughing a little.

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So cute! Eli has the bead puzzle from IKEA waiting for him for his 1st birthday, too. I'll have to check out the truck next time I'm up there. Eli also gets very sad when we take things away from him - but it's more things he shouldn't have: like the phone or Daddy's big shoe.
That's so amazing that he remembered the circle like that! Thanks for the direct plug to me - you know I'm always looking for new developmental stories from Kent! :-)
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