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I knitted a 25-hour scarf earlier this week. I was going to call it a 24-hour scarf, but I didn't quite finish in time. Still, it's impressive, given that most scarves take me a week/month to finish, depending on how much time I devote to them. I bought some big needles (US 17) and some fun clearance yarn at Hobby Lobby that I've been crushing on for a while. When I saw it had dropped to 37 cents a skein on Monday, I couldn't resist it any longer, even though it's acrylic and I tend toward natural fibers. The combo of skinny scarf and big needles made it a quick project, so now I'm just waiting for the appropriate weather to wear it. I thought it could be one of those fashionable skinny scarves that women seem to be wearing with t-shirts these days, but it's a little too furry for the summer and would just make me look like I got dressed in the dark. Oh well. I can wait. It's pictured here with my new soft sweater from L.L. Bean that just came in the mail today. Can you tell I'm ready for fall? I didn't actually wear this sweater today, as it was about 95 degrees this afternoon; I only threw it on long enough for Jack to snap a few photos, then I peeled it off quickly and was back in only a tank top so that I would not suffocate.

The other project I did on Monday was making this needle holder for my long knitting needles that usually just roll around or stick at odd angles out of my yarn basket. Now, they have a nice home. I got this butterfly fabric from my great aunt Irene a few years ago and had wanted to do something pretty with it for myself, so when I figured out that a cardboard oatmeal canister would be just about the right size for my needles, the whole thing came together in about 15 minutes.

I measured out an appropriate rectangle of fabric, pressed a fold into the edge that I was going to overlap so that it wouldn't have a messy fringe on it, then hot glued the fabric around the canister and tucked the excess over the top. Matching bias tape finished the whole thing off. I loved the ease of bias tape and hot glue for this little project. And Kent was a great helper, keeping his normally grabby hands out of reach of the hot glue gun for the whole 15 minutes it took me to finish. Sweet, eh?

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