Kent gets his first modeling gig

When we went to A Salt and Battery, a delicious fish and chips shop in Greenwich Village, back in June during our trip to NJ, Mom and Bill bought Kent a t-shirt to commemorate the visit with the restaurant logo on the front and "SHRIMP" on the back.

He looked great, so I snapped a few photos of him in the shirt when we got home, then emailed them to the restaurant people in case they wanted a photo of a cute kid wearing the shirt for their website. They wrote back and said they'd be delighted to use one of the photos, so even though it took them a while to update their site, you can see it now! Scroll down to where it says "More friends" and notice the awesomely cute Kent. Then scroll down five pictures below that one... and you'll see that Kent's picture appears on the same website as that of Bobby Flay. Could a mommy be any more proud?? Sigh.

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