Passing the hugs on

I blogged the other day about how Kent is now hugging us. I realized that his newfound love of hugging was probably set off by one of the other little boys at our LLL meeting on Tuesday, a 2-year-old named Elijah, who randomly walked up to Kent and gave him a big hug, then moved on to do the same with the other kids. It was so sweet — we were all ahhhing at the deliciousness of it — but it kind of caught Kent off guard and he had this funny confused expression on his face. Maybe it was because straight guys seem to have issues with being hugged by other straight guys. Are our hips touching? Am I patting his back in a masculine way? Am I lingering too long? These are questions Kent will grapple with someday.

I hear that he's avoided the questions for the time being by hugging a girl in his class today. Her name is Lily, and she's so darn cute with her dark, curly hair and her adorable cotton dresses that I want them to date someday. Kent apparently knows my plans, because during their storytime this morning, he just leaned over and gave her a little hug. How CUTE can one little boy be, I ask? It's like a big mug of hot cocoa for my heart. With cinnamon and marshmallows. It stinks to hear this sort of thing from his teachers instead of witnessing it in person, but such is the path we're walking as a family. While his teacher was telling me this story this afternoon, she also mentioned how sweet he always is to everyone. Maybe he'll be hugging all of them before long. A mom can dream...




Oooooh! I can't wait for my hugs at Christmas!
-- GranDebbie
I'll stand in line!
What an adorable story.
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