December Photo Project: Day 9

last night's Christmas collages, using tissue paper and contact paper

The Christmas suggestion jar has blessed us with two nights in a row of crafts: snowflakes on Sunday night, and collages last night.

The snowflakes are hanging from the doorway between our kitchen and dining room, and the collages are on the window of our sliding glass door (which makes up one wall of the dining room). It just brightens up that whole little corner of our house. Kent didn't participate much in the crafting, wanting instead to scatter the cut-out paper bits from the snowflakes and scrunch the contact paper, but maybe next year...

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LOL! The way the Cmas tree is pictured in the first picture at first made me think that it was a gigantic tissue paper Cmas tree in your back yard! ha!
Perhaps Kent was feeling more of a performance art vibe ;)

I too thought the tree was outside, hanging as a flag.
Looks like a fun Christmas project!
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