and yet

in the midst of all that, there are still moments of pure joyous energy and fun.

I have this stuffed panda that someone got for me when I was little, possibly my dad but I don't remember for sure (help me out here, Granny and Mark!). It had been living at my grandmother's house in Winston-Salem, and she gave it to me a few weeks ago when we were there because she was getting together my other animals to give away. We brought the panda home and washed it, and then yesterday I remembered to give it to Kent. I guess it reminds him of the giant stuffed bears he loves at the library, the ones that are designed for kids to sit in their laps to read so they can feel hugged by something warm and snuggly.

After greeting the panda with a happy little hug, he immediately tossed it down on the floor and began trying to sit in its lap. And then he got very frustrated, because it's smaller than he is and doesn't have much of a lap. He still kept trying to sit on it, which totally cracked me up. I intervened after a little while and told him that it might work better if the panda sat on *his* lap instead, but he looked at me crossly and again tried to sit on the panda. Finally, I put him in the recliner next to me and stuck the panda on his lap. He laughed a funny little "heeheehee" laugh, hugged the panda, and seemed less worried after that.

Cognition at this age is really something else.




That's so cute! And incredibly cool, actually.

My grand-advisor (i.e., Furman Dr. P's advisor) has a whole line of work on this phenomenon at exactly Kent's age. Here's her lab website - scroll down the "scale errors" and there's even a link to videos of kids doing this!


Your word verification words are getting more word-like lately. As in, you could actually pronounce them, they have reasonable consonants and vowels instead of being just a cluster of consonants. Mine today is: exhicki LOL :-)
That's very, very cute. It's also funny as hell! I have laughed out loud every time I look at his pic. He is "quite" the determined little man I see. :-)
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