Oh my py ny

Any clue what that means? Yeah, we didn't know either for about 3 weeks. Kent said it every once in a while, and since he really likes to rhyme (thanks, Sesame Street), we wondered if he was just spewing forth rhyming sounds. But it sounded so purposeful and deliberate that I did think it probably meant something specific to him... figuring what was the trick.

So yesterday, we were (as we often do) listening to Trout Fishing in America's truly wonderful live album, Family Music Party. One of the songs Kent likes best is called "My Hair Had a Party Last Night," about a kid who wakes up with a serious case of bed head and can't do a thing to make his hair behave. I think he mostly enjoys it because there's a break in the middle where one of the guys invites the kids to make their hair have a party, and then to make their neighbor's hair have a party, at which point we always have fun messing up each other's hair. At dinner yesterday evening, he started rubbing his hair and saying "hair pa-pa" (i.e., "hair party"). A few seconds later, he followed it up with, "Oh my py ny!" I looked at him for a moment, then felt a sudden jolt of electricity as I realized what he's been trying to say for weeks: "Oh, my hair had a party last night!" Apparently, he's been requesting a song this whole time.

Mommy, Code Breaker. Sometimes I rock.

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