The Garden Experiment: week 4

Wide shot. See how big the tomatoes are getting? Lauren was right about them outgrowing their cages soon.

Bell peppers and onions

Parsley and Japanese eggplants

The tomatoes I took a photo of last week (turns out they *are* the cherry tomatoes)

More cherry tomatoes

Kent and his sunflower

The row of onions (18 out of 21 sprouted), and someone eager to pick them. Too eager, really. He poses a great hazard to the tomatoes as well.

Coleus in the little garden on the side of the house. I didn't know it was going to make flowers, so they're even more beautiful than I thought!

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The garden looks great! I am glad Kent is enjoying the experience as well. John and Casey have been hanging out together while doing our garden--it has been fun to watch! -Heather
It is looking Awesome! All of my plants are still in the flat from the Farmers Market! I need to get them in the ground but either work or rain keeps getting in the way.

Anyway, it looks like your experiment is going very well!
Everything looks great! I'm so glad you joined the gardening world. We're planting more this weekend in ours, yay! I am jealous that you get tomatoes so much earlier though. Ours are still little seedlings!
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