He's getting funnier

Kent has been extra funny today. I just love when kids get to the stage that they start to say really funny things, most of which are based on the way they conceptualize the world and how it's different from the way adults conceptualize it. This afternoon, I got a haircut — for the first time in about five months, thank you. When Kent and Jack came to get me at the end, I picked up Kent, he ran his hands over my hair a little bit, and he said, "Mommy look so HANDSOME!" When I brush his hair after his bath and it's all straight and slicked down, I often tell him that he looks so handsome and he promptly messes it up to be funny. I guess he figured it was a compliment that could go either way.

He ran up to me after dinner tonight, after just having used the potty, and I told him to give me a high-five. He slapped my hand sort of gently, then told me he wanted to give me a "loud high-five," which I figured meant that he wanted to hit me harder. I said, "Okay, here," and held out my hand. He began slapping it again and yelling, "Loud, LOUD!!!" at the top of his lungs.

He's also become very interested in doing things "fast" lately; he'll tell us that he wants us to drive fast, or that we should push the grocery cart fast, or that he wants to sing a song fast. If he's running fast or do something else at an accelerated pace, he'll yell "fastfastfastfastFAST!!"

His favorite song, which has been his favorite for a while now, is Trout Fishing in America's "My Hair Had a Party Last Night." Kent calls it "Oh my py ny," which I have referenced before. Lately, he's started strumming my stepdad's banjo (which is on a stand in our guest room) and chanting his way through the chorus as best he can, telling us, "K play 'Oh my py ny!'" He hits about every third word, mostly the words he knows, like "plo-plo," which means both pillow and piano. Pillow, in this case. It makes us laugh so very hard that I wanted to get it on tape before he stopped doing it. Here are the actual words to the first part of the chorus, since it's difficult to tell what Kent is saying if you don't know the song:

Oh, my hair had a party last night
It must have got into a terrible fight
'Cause when my head hit the pillow it was looking alright
My hair had a party last night

At the very end of the song, they repeat "last night, last night" a few times, and then there's a big guitar strum to finish it off, which Kent has turned into "woo!" Most of Trout's music is pretty great, and this one is especially fun to hear Kent interpret.

Now that you've heard it at regular speed, here's his "fast" version.

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The fast version sounds just like some of the bands that played at the Sidebar when I worked there. Looks like we have a Hardcore front man in the making.
He's sooo cute.
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