And more baby clothes

I finished Dean's sweater some time ago, then knitted up another one as a gift for my niece, who's scheduled to arrive sometime in late December. I took this picture right after I finished the one for my niece, but I wanted to wait to post it until Morgan's baby shower, which is happening right now. Ha ha haaaa. So the little cousins, who'll be about a month and a half apart in age, will have coordinating sweaters; it would be even better if we actually lived near each other and could have the two of them in one room at the same time. Stupid huge country.

Eco-Cotton by Red Heart was my yarn of choice for this Baby Yoda sweater pattern: vanilla and midnight marl for Dean's sweater, and chocolate and rose for Baby Gaga Pietryka's (her first name will only be revealed after she's born, so this is the nickname they've given her until then). There may be coordinating hats and/or booties that get made to go with each of these, but I'm sort of on a sewing kick now, and I tend to stick with either sewing or knitting for a few months until I vacillate back to the other.

I also embellished a little sunhat for Dean this morning. I found this very simple light blue hat at the Dollar Tree when I was looking for a onesie for Kent to decorate, and I thought it would be the perfect hat to adorn with some stripey grosgrain ribbon from my stash. Kent wanted to wear it at first, but he realized it was too small for him, which led to yet another conversation about how Dean is going to be very tiny when he comes out but how someday he'll grow to be big like Kent. It's a fun, mind-bending challenge to explain a baby to a two-year-old. The hat is now sitting in the Dean box, along with the sweater and the other things we've collected for our little babe, and the Dean box waits patiently in the nest/guest room.

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Those sweaters are precious! I just took a little break from diss writing to look through some of your crafty posts...so impressed! :)
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