A couple of photos

Kent decided yesterday that his bin of blocks and toys was a good place to sit and read a book.

Another felt friend appeared in our house this morning. They're a happy pair.

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Love the penguin. He has kind of a South Park vibe.
What a great photo of Kent reading! Love of books and reading is so important, I think. I attribute my current love of books to my childhood experiences with them. Oh and has Kent's hair been cut since we saw you guys last month?

And oh my gosh I LOVE the finger puppets - so adorable!
These puppets are fantastic! I can't wait to see what other friends join the Penguin and Tiger...
I love the finger puppets! I hope that they multiply. And I can see that your dedication to reading to him is already paying dividends. As far as sitting in the box, well, maybe he got that from me....
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