December 12

I was pretty bummed that it rained so much at the end of the week, especially since we were going to go to a parade and get our tree on Saturday morning and couldn't do either because of the weather. However, it stopped raining by Saturday afternoon, and I snapped this photo upon leaving the house for the first time in three days (see aforementioned illness).

I love the juxtaposition of different plants and plant stages: the pine needles and dry leaves on the patio, the reflected long-leaf pines as a reminder of things that are evergreen, and the reflected live oak that has lost its leaves for winter. And then there's the texture of the clouds hovering above. I also think it's really cool that the hexagonal-shaped the patio umbrella appears to contain the dry leaves underneath, since it's the only thing that's dark enough to prevent light from reflecting on the table but rather allows the eye to look *through* the glass. Our glass patio table is constantly inspiring me because of reflections I catch in it, the way it refracts light, and the things I can see underneath it, sometimes all at once.

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Wow, nice. Sugazin!
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