October wrap-up

There were a couple of milestones I had been meaning to blog about this October, and here we are, hours away from November, so I figured I'd better get to it. Forgive my absence from the internet, but my three-year-old is, well, three, and has decided to turn into a monster every time I open my laptop and attempt to check my email or write anything. If I don't get back to you, do not take it personally. If it's important, please email me again. I have to believe that my life won't always be this way... otherwise my head will break.

So the first milestone is that our sweet cat Patti is ten years old this month. We don't know her exact birthday, so we've just always had kind of a general month of Patti celebrations each October. She's been such a great cat, and we feel so lucky to have her around. She says "meh" instead of meowing, and still has unexpected bursts of silliness like chasing her tail in the hallway, or just now when I looked over to see her jumping with both front paws up in the air to catch a bug in the kitchen.

The second milestone is that October 2010 marks four years that I've been pregnant, nursing, or both. Yep. Some women wait several years between pregnancies, and very few nurse up until the next pregnancy, so I feel like I'm in some kind of club for moms who just get all their fertility done in one straight shot. (Incidentally, Jack's mom also belongs to this club, and I suppose my mom does too since she only had me.) I'm 98% sure that we're done having kids, even though it took me several months to decide that. I know I'll have baby pangs at some point in the future; we'll just have to see how loud they are. But two feels good. Two brothers against the world. It means saying goodbye to the hope of having a daughter someday, but I'm becoming more okay with that as time goes by and I grow into my role as Mom of Two Boys.

I know a lot of you have been wondering about the Halloween costumes this year, so here they are. I found Dean's monkey costume last year when he was still in utero, and since the best costume to go with a monkey was already done last year, I asked Kent if he would like to dress up as a tree. He was super-excited. Thank goodness, because that was my one idea. I bought a leaf garland to cut up, then intertwined the leaves with florist wire to make a leafy hat and some wristbands. Kent helped me glue the rest of the leaves to a green t-shirt, and some brown pants and brown shoes finished off the look. Most people have gotten it when they've seen him, though a few weirdos have asked if he's the Jolly Green Giant or a dragon or something. Apparently he had been telling everyone at school about his costume all week, so his teachers were thrilled to see it at the fall festival on Friday. I love seeing my son's oddball costumes among all the princesses, animals, bugs, and superheroes, but I am absolutely sure that this was the last year I got to pick his costume. We'll just have to wait and see what the opinionated Kent of the Future will choose. Hopefully something I can make. I get such a kick out of making costumes.

Dean, Kent, and cousin Blythe (Morgan's little girl, they were in town last weekend): trying to get a good photo of all three of them was interesting. Blythe trying to eat Kent's costume while Dean looks off in the distance pretty much encapsulates the experience.

Dean and Blythe, just 6 weeks apart and destined to be buddies.

Kent's alternate costume, courtesy of Chick-Fil-A family nights, wherein they made a different part of the costume each week and then had a pirate party this past week.

Today's caramel apples, shared with the friends we went trick-or-treating with.

Our jack-o-lantern, which Kent insisted should be "silly" and not "scary". Before I added the eyebrows, Kent got mad at me and told me the eyes were too scary, like maybe I hadn't been paying attention to his directions. I'm just not artistic enough to get "silly" right on the first try. At least he agreed that the eyebrows helped.

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Too cute! I love the idea of the tree, non-conventional and cost effective, as well as, unique which you don't see much anymore. Perfect coordination for the monkey, now you just need to add Rebecca Levy Cafarelli's little girl as a banana into the mix. LOL I love the pic where Kent's costume is about to be slobbered on by the baby. LOL
Sorry about the grammar erros in that post. Ouch, there are a lot. It's 12:19am and there's some drama I'm trying not to think about so.... my inner checker is not working.
Great tree costume picture. As always it is much fun to read your posts and see the kids and food, etc. Well, I really like the food stuff - and a pumpkin is food, isn't it? Food uneaten maybe but food none-the-less. And the apples, my teeth are stuck together hear at my desk! Love you all....
Oooh I like the tree costume!! Esp since the leaves are green, as they are in october in Louisiana. haha! Really cute. :D
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