Jack's cake conundrum

Jack's birthday is on Thursday. He's turning 30. He's not afraid of getting older, but he has been making more jokes about his age lately, and he seems a tiny bit weirded out by reaching another decade.

I, of course, am doing what I can to ease his transition by baking him a cake and giving him the presents that Kent and I have picked out for him. The problem with the cake is that he won't decide what kind he wants. I made German chocolate cake a couple of years in a row, and that went over well, but he wasn't too excited when I suggested it this time. I made him an Irish Coffee cake (not for his birthday, but to celebrate his new job) a few years ago, and he LOVED it, but since it has whiskey in the sauce and the whipped cream, it's sort of out of the question for toddlers. I also mentioned the possibilities of carrot cake, plain frosted chocolate cake, and pound cake, or even going crazy and having pie or chocolate mousse and fruit or something else that isn't a cake, but no decision has been reached yet. His reasoning: anything I make would be delicious, so he can't decide what kind of delicious he wants. While that's very sweet, I'm getting impatient.

So I'm opening it up to the floor for suggestions. I would put it to a vote, but having a democratically chosen cake seems too non-Jack-centered, so I'll just leave it to you all to pipe up with suggestions that might interest him. He likes almonds, but not really almond flavor, so if you can think of a cake that would incorporate almonds, that might be a winner. Or maybe an Indian dessert. Heck, I don't know. Surprise us.

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strawberry shortcake with amaretto flavored whipped cream?
queen of sheba cake. Chocolate, almonds, yay! Here is a blog that made some including some strawberries- http://sweetnapa.blogspot.com/2006/02/valentines-queen-of-sheba-cake-for-two.html

On a lighter side, I love a lemon pound cake with coconut.... mmmmm
What about some type of cake that has crushed almonds on the top of the icing? Or as part of the icing?
How about red velvet? You could throw almonds on the top of that, if you were into ruining a tasty cake like that. ;-)

It's festive and decadent but the best part -- leftovers this weekend by candlelight.... that's a sexy valentine's.

How about raspberry fluff? Shredded Angel food cake, raspberry jello and fresh raspberries and cool whip to hold it all together...and if we need chocolate shaved chocolate for a topper? Happy Birthday Jack. Love Mom.
Flan? Happy Birthday Jack! 30 years old? Bob Dylan tells me I can no longer trust you ...
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