December is about to begin...

and you know what that means:
  1. Drunken Furniture Assembly
  2. The December Suggestion Box, and
  3. The December Photo Project!

Drunken Furniture Assembly, for those who have forgotten, involves putting together gifts for one's children while downing as much wine as is necessary to complete the task. We actually might not have anything to assemble this year, probably a good thing since I'm not drinking much wine right now. The suggestion box is a list of fun things for our family to do together to get ready for the holidays, which I need to put together today so that we can start drawing things at random from it tomorrow. The December Photo Project is just mine, though. I mean, lots of people are participating, and everyone else gets to see what I do with it, but it's *my* creative endeavor. I enjoyed it so much last year that I've really been looking forward to it throughout November. Who could forget these timeless classics from last year?

December 7, 2008: Our church all Advented up

December 16, 2008: Spacey-looking lights on our Japanese magnolia tree outside

December 18, 2008: Giving to the Salvation Army

December 22, 2008: Ornament making for a friend

December 24, 2008: Kent puts the Baby Jesus in place at our church's Christmas Eve service

And my personal favorite:

December 11, 2008: Baton Rouge's first snow in 40 years, and Kent's first snow ever

Happy almost-December.

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I'm not ready..can November stay just a little longer?
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